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Sebastian Kuempflein's picture

Nature Photography with a Lensball and RGB-Light

This photo was one of my first tries with my new lensball and an rgb light. It was taken in a nearby forest with an small swamp area after sunset. I hope I can improve the composition with a foggy and moody weather.

When I took this photo, I had not perfect conditions, but I like the result.

What´s your opinion on this photo? If you have some advice, let me know it!

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Hunter Chan's picture

Wow! Great retouching with the light and the grass! I would like a little more vibrant color with the grass and some heavy vignette to cover the branches on top! By the way, what light did you use? That was fantastic!

Sebastian Kuempflein's picture

Thank you Hunter!
Thank you for your advice! I will try it later that day!

I used the Rollei Lumen Pocket RGB, its easy to use and comes with an App for your mobile. So you can easy change color, brightness and saturation! That helped a lot while taking this photo!