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Shallow Creek

We drove to Greenstone via Kinloch in Glenorchy came across this creek winds through the bushes and the water was crystal clear. One can almost "feel" the moisture in the air.

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Deleted Account's picture

Another fine photo by Mr Loong. I especially like seeing white water without the popular creamy silky slushy effect used to excess by many.

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Lovely job, very much in your style, Stanley - and an appealing style it is for my tastes. I like the composition, and the richness of subtle detail, again typical of your images. You seem to capture just what it is that appeals to me about these natural places. There's a lush, moist atmosphere here, where I can all but hear the gently running water. I want to be there!

I don't use the Orton effect, but would I be right in assuming you've used it here, if you don't mind revealing a bit about your process?

Stanley Loong's picture

The Orton effect I use is from the Raya Pro 4.0 plugins. It is very simple to use, just one click to apply.