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D Man's picture


Ever walk into those yucky spider webs that cling onto your face, arms, legs? This time of year in the NW the spiders create some really cool web designs...we could actually call them a web masters

Spider webs make some really cool photos...

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Dan Grayum's picture

I really like #1 and #3 shots.

I live in California, we have these same bastards everywhere.

D Man's picture

They are actually pretty cool looking little bastards though...that cross going over their back make them look like some type of warrior...

Wayne Barker's picture

No. 2 and No. 9 are quite nice.

On No. 2, I would crop out the leaves on the left and as much as you can on the right to accentuate the web--especially the light changing across it.

On No. 9 (the last one), I would crop out the left side to get rid of the brightest of the sun halos and again highlight the play of light across the web.

the other photos are just too much out of focus to be of any interest other than random snap shots (I assume you wanted honest comments since you asked.)

D Man's picture

Ok, I played with it a bit...any better?

Stewart Moore's picture

I can agree that a spiders web can give you a great shot especially when you are able to get these at the correct angle and if you have a spider or their prey in this web.

D Man's picture

something like this?