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Trevor Parker's picture

Wandering Deer

Shot in Glacier National Park as I was preparing to shoot the sunset a deer wandered up right past me, stared at me for a few seconds, before continuing past right in to the sunset.

What do you think?

Update: I'm adding a second photo that is my attempt at fixing the tilt of the image. Does the tilt in the second photo seem better?

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Robert Tran's picture

Love it man 🤜🏼🤛🏼

John Pless's picture

nice shot the deer really makes it. now you just need to straighten the horizon

Trevor Parker's picture

Yeah it seems kind of crooked but this was actually leveled on the tripod and the more I tried to level what seems like the horizon, the more the foreground and deer seemed tilted. I don’t know if it’s just the hills/mountains give the illusion of a crooked horizon or what.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Nice job, Trevor. I think John's right. My Nikons' internal levelling can easily be a couple of degrees out (D700, D800E and now D850 over time) if that's all you relied on. I use this and tripod spirit levels and still always have to true up the horizon where it's really telling, as with sea horizons.

It's hard to tell at this res whether the pale patch to the right of the distant shrubs is the top of a log, or the distant lake. If it's the latter, the image is tilted ACW about 2.3 degrees, and correcting it to this extent does look over-corrected. To my eye, the image is rotated about 1.5-2 degrees.

If your lens has some barrel distortion, it could make the left bit of lake slope as well

Trevor Parker's picture

Thanks for the comment Chris. I have been seeing lately that some of my photos seem off even when levelled on the tripod.

If I remember correctly in the distance on the right is a log. There is a lake in the far distance but most of it is blocked from view by the grassy mound in front. If you look just to the left of that you can see a shimmer of the lake.

Here I've given the picture a 1.2 degree shift and I think it does look better. At 1.5 degree it definitely makes the foreground seem tilted.

tammy higgins's picture

Looks interesting to me and well done

Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi. my thoughts on composition and the way to hold attention in this discussion.

Vijay Mewada's picture

but in this frame seeing more water too has equally good story. just removed the top dark clouds.