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Kyle Foreman's picture

Too Saturated/Contrasty?


These are two recent edits from a new location I found about 20 mins from my house.

I know it's kind of a preference thing but I wonder what people think about these? Did I do too much in post?

Any feedback would be welcomed.

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John Pless's picture

really like the first one

Andrew Williams's picture

I find it impossible to evaluate the editing without seeing the unedited version (i.e. what it really looked like.) offhand, #1 looks fine, and #2 seems just a wee bit too dark.

Chris Fowler's picture

That first pic is nice! I like it, so I hope the consensus isn't that it is "too saturated"
Second picture is a bit dark, but I think lifting the shadows any more might ruin the mood you've got going on there.

Angel Henrriquez's picture

Hi Kyle. I think in the first photo you could have placed the tree a little more in the center, since he is the main subject. And also the water could have had a little more exposure since in the sky it still has a little light.

In the second, as the previous comments have said, it is too dark and you could also remove the light poles. That would give you an interesting scene.

I think that in the first one the colours are not so saturated, but in the second one , due to the darkness of the scene, they look quite saturated.

This was just a personal opinion.

Hope you are doing well and all the best.


Kyle Foreman's picture

Thanks for the feedback everybody. For the second one I was going for a little bit darker mood so I don't want to brighten it up too much. But I agree the first one looks better centered.

Mark Stutzel's picture

Yes, I like this crop much better. Even though the entire scene is beautiful, the original crop had a little too much empty space on the right.

Chris Jablonski's picture

NIce moody job with both, Kyle. The saturation is just a bit high for me, but many people would like the rich colours here. I prefer the first, and definitely prefer it as orginally posted, NOT centred. I particularly like the balance of the composition. But again, I'm an asymmetry extremist.