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Kyle Foreman's picture

Maritime Photography?

Not sure this photo exactly fits in "landscape and nature" but I didn't know where else to really put it.

I wonder if there is a field of maritime photography? I feel it's something I could get into. I really like interesting photos of boats/yachts. And anything really that deals with boats and the water.

I have several shots like this, around harbors/marinas, in my fstoppers portfolio. I tend to like them in black and white better. When I started playing with the colors on this, I think I was able to get a nice teal/orange combination going with the sky and the pier. I like the colors anyway.

Let me know what you think?

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Chaz Foote's picture

The sun is distracting; it immediately grabs the eye's attention.

Kyle Foreman's picture

I thought about cropping the sun out but didn’t like it. I get it can be distracting but I don’t mind it really.

Chris Jablonski's picture

You could start a Group, Kyle, if you're happy to be the moderator (who probably doesn't need to do much). There is a generic "The Extraordinary Beauty of the Ordinary World" Group that Phiilip Breske started. I think he's left FS but the Group is still there, with little activity, but posting would activate it.

I find the somewhat unnatural (film-look?) colours here distracting e.g. cyan sky.

John Keane's picture

Kyle, I like the idea of a Maritime group. Fantastic photo opportunities abound. I'd join if I lived closer to the ocean.

As far as this image is concerned, I really like the cleat, the wood tone and texture of the dock and the background. I feel the color tone does give it a certain vibe (probably what you were looking for) but not to everyones liking.

As far as the sun in the image; 1. yes it is a bit distracting. 2. it really does help give me the feel of the sun bleached dock. Your comment that you don't mind it is most important. I feel that it may add more to the photo than it detracts.

Overall I do like the image. I hope that helps. Good luck with the group if you form one.