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Dg9ncc /portable's picture

Minimalsist after-sunset

This shot is a result of watching a sunset & taking some "postcard shots". The four layers of hill with the color transition were marvellous. The three trees gave the interest to this shot for me, keeping it still in a minimal style.

Does it appear as overdone in any way, for example the saturation? What do you suggest to improve? I'm looking forward to your comments!

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Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Dg9ncc. I have started accepting the notion that such sunrise/set to have a story with contextual elements. For that the foreground is absolutely dark. The shadows need to be lightened and uplifted. The sky has no interest besides colour. The extent of sky could be reduced.
Going towards mundane, with trees as benchmark, the frame verticality/horizontality of this frame need to be corrected.

Its upto your choice, irrespective of opinions. Cheers.

Chris Jablonski's picture

I think Vijay's being a bit harsh, although obviously he has his own tastes (and takes a mean photo himself!). I agree that the foreground could be lightened, but that could weaken the image as you may just get bland low-contrast mush and noise (speaking from experience). If that's the case, I might be tempted to leave it dark and crop it a little - pure black silhouettes can look good in context, but as a (very) general rule, large areas of pure black don't tend to work in most photos. (I suspect this may be because we instinctively look for detail in them, only to be frustrated.)

For me, there IS enough interest in the sky to make the image, and there is a nice progression of tones and colours from bottom to top.

The only real flaw for me is a distracting processing halo around the trees, especially the overlapping pair right of centre.

Chaz Foote's picture

I agree with your comment about the halo around trees, which was the first thing that struck me. Otherwise I like the picture and I think the balance is okay. I also prefer the 3x2 ratio to the below suggested crop.

John Pless's picture

I like the color progression and I like the composition. Iagree with Chris that maybe a crop from the bottom and if you want to keep the size format then maybe some off the left hand edge. I think that you should back off on the saturation slider until the halo disappears around the trees. nice shot

Peter Dyndiuk's picture

I really like the concept of this image - love the colors!, I would consider a crop something along these lines...

I also think there is enough interest in the sky, but perhaps add a little clarity to bring out some additional definition as was done here.

Robert Tran's picture

Dig it. I didn't even realize there are people in the photo until checking out Peter's edit. I like the muted tones, but the global brightening brings a bit more life to the scene for me.

Having said all this, I'm definitely feeling the vibe you tried to convey with your original shot Dg9ncc /portable .

Dg9ncc /portable's picture

Dear all!

Thank you very much for your feedback & suggestions! Vijay, you're right, the trees are the center of interest, the sunset is just the "add on". Yes, I'll cut the foreground. Lightning up will just bring noise.

Making a horizontal frame - I didn't come to this idea. Thank you! Also the halo wasn't noticed by me up to now.

That's what I did: cut the uninteresting black & some sky. the tall sky appeared boring in its full size, so again a crop. The 1:1 is my choice to please the eyes.

Chaz Foote's picture

I think the lightening of the foreground helps draw attention away from the sky when the picture is full-sized.

Chris Jablonski's picture

I think both approaches yield a different, valid result,. Dg9ncc.

BTW was Dg9ncc the patron saint of computers or something? Haven't heard of that one. What do your friends call you? ;-)