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Jessica Arredondo's picture

You Frosty Little Beach

New to photography. The fstoppers community is brutal and I appreciate that. Any constructive criticism is more than welcome if you have the time. The left is if you're viewing on a phone, right for computer

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Peter Dyndiuk's picture

Looks oversaturated too me. I would work the composition so that the fallen tree points more toward a subject rather than the empty sky and would have backed off a little so the stump is not so obtrusive. Also would watch your horizon and make sure its level.

Jessica Arredondo's picture

Great advice thanks for taking the time. I have noticed my photos look oversaturated on my phone versus photoshop, I think this is an issue everyone encounters though

Chaz Foote's picture

Don't know what you use for a phone but my not-so-new LG (android) has a number of controls for editing its photos (white point, black point, saturation, etc.).

Jessica Arredondo's picture

I have a Google Pixel 3, when I view my photos on my Nikon and computer the white balance isn't so saturated, when I open the same file on my phone it becomes oversaturated and too vibrant. I've read about other people having this issue. I'll definitely have to come up with a custom filter I can add post edit. Thanks so much for taking to time!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Peter says pretty much what I would have, Jessica. The second, lower version (your "right"?) looks oversaturated, the other one arguably slightly so. The stump does tend to drown out the beauty elsewhere - the ripples & soft contours of the beach, for instance. To use your word, the stump is a bit brutal, requiring care to balance with more delicate elements, although I'd certainly want to portray it. I can see myself making lots of different images here - in a great hurry, as the sun was disappearing (or rising into a glary sky)!

You're pretty close here to an excellent image overall, Jessica.

Jessica Arredondo's picture

Chris thank you so much, a lot of really useful advice. Everything you said makes perfect sense