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The Three Sisters

The three sandstone rock formations called The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains National Park, Australia set in a unique landscape overlooking a vast Blue Gum forest.

Being there and watching the sunrise is like traveling thousands of years back in time.

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nice shot love the colors

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You make my country look like Europe. Which is fine, as Europe mostly looks better. Unpatriotic, I know... ;-)

Your rendering of this landscape is beautiful. I love the whole "feel", contributed to by the colours and composition, including your incorporation of the clouds, and how you've captured the beautiful light. Well done!.

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Not sure what you mean by making it look like Europe, I think this and other landscapes in Australia are very unique, can't find anything like this in Europe.

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I was struck by the similarity of the landscape all the way between my native Victoria and Cape York, often indistinguishable apart from termite mounds up north. It is typically dry, largely flat, the omnipresent eucalypts often spread apart, and wearing their almost invariably subdued olive-green, versus the verdant shades common in most other countries.

Your image just looks a bit more lush and inviting. Mind you, I haven't been to this particular location, renowned for its beauty..

Maybe, as the saying goes, I can't see the forest for the trees!

It was just a casual observation. Glad you seem to like its uniqueness. Maybe I take the familiar for granted. I wouldn't want to live elsewhere!

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haven't been to Cape York so can't tell, I guess some landscape would be similar, that's true.

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its a beauty mate! like how the light from FG leads to BG

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Thanks, it's a beautiful place, would need to revisit at some stage.