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Mark Seawell's picture

Light in the distance

Antelope Island as dusk arrives. When I arrived in Utah over six years ago I fell in love with this place, especially in the winter months. My wife and I had hiked a new trail close to the ranch but ran out of time so had to turn back. As we made our way back to the causeway, I looked over to be amazed once again at the raw beauty this place possesses, light in the distance.

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Danny Tan's picture

Fabulous shot mate! Love that soft low fog in the backdrop framing the mountain

Mark Seawell's picture

Cheers mate! Got lucky heading off the island.

John Pless's picture

beautiful, i also love antelope island

Mark Seawell's picture

Cheers John! In winter I haunt it!

Peter Dyndiuk's picture

This is a wonderful image. I was really drawn into the frame and just wandered....

Beautifully lit, wonderful atmosphere - well done!

Would also consider this cropped to a 3:1 - might also make a really nice panorama!

Mark Seawell's picture

Thanks Peter! I probably should but I found the foreground so interesting I didn't have the heart to cut it if I'm being honest!

darin gabbert's picture

Mark, I agree with what you said about the foreground being interesting in this shot, it draws the eye effortlessly to the island, but I also think that a panoramic crop might suit this shot too. I wish I had taken this shot.

Mark Seawell's picture

Thanks Darin! I'm blessed to be where I am. Utah is one of the most scenic, beautiful, iconic states in the union. I moved here from Germany 6 years ago with the intention of going back after 2 years yet, here I am. Well worth a trip if you have never been. Southern Utah gets a lot of the attention because of the parks but northern Utah is gorgeous as well.

darin gabbert's picture

Utah is gorgeous. One of my favorite sections of the state is the area where I-70 and I-15 connect. The stretch from there to St. George, is lovely.