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King's hill

A few days ago we had the 1st reasonable snow, covering the surface completely. I took the change to be out to take some photos. On the way home I passed by this little hill with a cross & some trees on. A well known spot for me - and by waking around I found a new position for this shot. As I like the minimalist approach, here supported greatly by a little fog, coming dawn & the snow.

I took it in vertical, as is brings more tension to the viewer. At lest this is my point of view. I decided to go for the color version, it's more appealing. What are your ideas about? And what needs improvement?

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Mark Seawell's picture

Lovely work. A nice feel to it.

Mike Pitts's picture

I love the minimalist look, and the subtle coloring is really nice too. My only comment would possibly be to crop some of the sky down, maybe going from 8x12 to 8x10. That's my own two cents though. Great work!

Mike Osmond's picture

Same, except i would crop from the bottom...

Dg9ncc /portable's picture

Thank you, Sirs!

Considering your idea about cropping I go for a 1:1. This still a balanced shot, I think.