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Marius van Dyk's picture

On the Edge

The Shetland Islands. doing some time travel to retouch some photos. can, unfortunately, not turn back time to recompose :(. wish I had more savvy/mentorship when I "picked up" the camera for the 1st time in 2017. Even though some compositions "sucked" or opportunities missed, these experiences are priceless contributions to the learning cycles.

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Frank Davis's picture

I also like to go back in the archives to see what I can do with a better eye as well as newer technology. This is a genuinely nice photo. I think cropping out some the left side and part of the bottom to put the lighthouse more toward the lower third would enhance the composition. Assuming it's a RAW file, giving it slightly more punch without overdoing it might also help. And yes, we are always learning!

Marius van Dyk's picture

Thank you for the advice and feedback Frank

Chris Jablonski's picture

Agree with Frank about composition, but for me the Shetland Islands connote overcast conditions and subdued greys, so boosting contrast or saturation would not improve the image to my eye. I particularly enjoy the mood you've evoked here, Marius.

Marius van Dyk's picture

thank you, Chris ... was indeed a beautiful "somber" experience.