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Maxime Garcia's picture

Stormy sunset over the beach

The days was ending over a small beach of Gruissan, France after a stormy day.
The blue and grey colors of the day were mixing with the sunset colors.
The small tree made an interesting mirror effect over the sand.

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Dylan Miller's picture

I really love this, the mood in it is so nice and the eye moves nicely throughout the piece. Great work! I see so many photos so I'm not impressed often. Only thing that distracts me is whatever is sticking up out of the horizon on the center right third of the photograph that appears to be off shore. A quick spot heal will make this picture perfect!

Maxime Garcia's picture

Thank you Dylan for your comment, it is nice to read.

Maybe the next image will be more satisfying. The little lifeguard cabin was indeed disturbing.

Dylan Miller's picture

Yes, much better!