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Jordan Inglee's picture

Hill of Dreams - A Work in Progress

Some nice moody fog and dappled light on the hills of of Big Sur. I spent a lot of time on this scene, and this was the shot that spoke to me most.

I kinda struggle with these types of images, balancing contrast and mood. It's good be challenged though as it makes us better photographers!

Nikon D850
Nikon AFP 70-300 @ 300mm

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Chris Fowler's picture

I bet that would work well as a B&W print since you've got some nice contrast going on.

Jordan Inglee's picture

Thanks man! I might give that a whirl!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Well... if you struggled, Jordan, you nailed it in the end. Can't fault this image. Love it, including the composition, the beautiful soft green, and "balancing contrast and mood", as you put it.