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Wandering through the lands of Galiza.

For my first post in the fstoppers community I have decided to choose shots from Galiza, the place where I live.

Galiza is a green land, full of mighty rivers, lush forests, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

Here are some of my latest captures!

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John Pless's picture

welcome to the community. I like them especially the last one, My only suggestion is that rocks that are under water either needed to be clearer or completely hidden by the water. A polarizer would have helped with that. Otherwise nice shots

Álvaro Lamas's picture

Thank you so much for your advice!
I always use polarizer and this shot was no the exception. The water was really dark and only a few rocks were showing a bit.
I tried to give them a little light to give them presence but, as you say, a little more would be better!

Vijay Mewada's picture

Hi Alvaro. I agree with john.
Further, an element is needed in the foreground to either frame or lead the vision back to falls in Image 3. clearer stone would have done it. Or some continuity of the rock at bottom right or a white stream etc...

Álvaro Lamas's picture

My main idea was to give presence to the rocks at the bottom of the water because there were no rocks in the foreground to frame the shot.
I am keeping your advice and I will put it into practice in the future.
Thank you!