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Thomas Herbst's picture

When Iceland delivers no clouds...make LEMONADE!

I wonder how rare it is to see this place without clouds.

But I've always believed that if the colors do nothing for the photo, try a black and white. I was careful to not disturb the sharp reflection as I approached the scene.

When in doubt, black n' white it out!

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darin gabbert's picture

To be honest, I don't think you lost anything in this picture by way of not having a cloudy backdrop (DAMNED unusual, though!). The B&W is a great option here. Love the shot.

Thomas Herbst's picture

Thanks for the feedback, Darin. Really appreciate it!

David Brophy's picture

Super image! Love it 👍

Thomas Herbst's picture

Cheers David! Thanks for that!

Peter Dyndiuk's picture

Simply Outstanding!

Thomas Herbst's picture

Very kind, Peter. Thanks! I've been enjoying going over and slowly editing photos of this recent Iceland trip.

Tom Kinkel's picture

Really like the image , but would be interested to see a colour version - if possible ?. Thanks and best wishes !

Thomas Herbst's picture

Thanks for the feedback Tom. Honestly I didn't think the color brought much to the image as it was only blue sky and foreground with yellowish brown on the mountains. A nice contrast to be sure and still worth editing so hopefully I'll get around to it someday. Cheers!