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Shadow Forest [Nov 2010]

While camping off the Blue Ridge Parkway, It had rain the night before and it was time to pack up and head to our next destination. Rounding a curve, I spotted a small herd of deer crossing the road. I pulled over as quickly as possible to get a picture. But by the time I had set up the camera, the deer had wondered off into the woods. Which left me to take this picture with the Kodak Easyshare M1093 IS on the roof of our car. So to all those who think you can't use "any" camera to acquire wonderful results, you're not trying hard enough.

Just for reference, the attached image of the camera used for this shot. Like I said, who needs 3K worth of gear when I can achieve results like this with a camera costing less than $45.00

Edit: Oops correction on the date.

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That is a cool shot...

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Nicely atmospheric and mysterious!