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First shot of 2023

Yesterday, We arrived at this incredible place a few minutes after sunrise. The thunderous roar of the waterfall could be heard tens of meters before you could even see it.
We got close to it and before us this extraordinary waterfall rose majestically. It was breathtaking!

Only after days of intense winter rains, this gigantic spectacle can be contemplated in this incredible place.

It was an intense fight against the millions of water drops that the waterfall threw at me and at my gear.

Finally, I got a composition that reflected the strength and power of the waterfall including some interesting textures for the foreground.

I had been wanting to take a photo in these conditions for a long time and I finally got it.
I hope it will be the beginning of a great photographic year!

A great morning in which I took two showers: the first one while taking the photo and the second at home trying to beat the cold! 😁😁

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Nice work. Great reward for your effort

Thank Gerry!!