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Cold mornings

One of the waterfalls in my territory that I most wanted to visit was this one. I came here in my first steps with a camera years ago. Today I return to portray it with a little more experience.
The morning is perfect. Cold, with some mist and above all with lots of water.
Taking advantage of the small waterfalls at the foot of the waterfall, this is my result.
I hope you like it!

Sony ILCE-7M2
Focus Stack

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Dg9ncc /portable's picture

I like the image! Technically nothing to add. Very good! Maybe I would brighten the water in the foreground a bit plus lifted the brightness of greens. But that relates to "personal taste". A 1st version.

The tall fall at the background has a beautiful mood: cool, and lively for me. The foreground was grabbing attention from the viewer and competing with it. I felt free to crop and give the fall the spotlight. My personal favourit - the competition is removed.

Borja Rial Pereira's picture

Thank you very much mate.
I'm glad you like my work.
To be honest, I had a hard time choosing the framing. First I wanted to cut the waterfall in half and frame the foreground, then I just wanted to photograph the waterfall and in the end I decided to include everything in the photo.
Standing there I liked all the options and couldn't decide haha.
I always like to frame from below to highlight the foreground and leave the big waterfalls in the background. It's a personal style.
Nice talking to you! Best regards

Dg9ncc /portable's picture

You are welcome, Borja! I know your 'problem'. Ciming from own experience...