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The Art of Motion

Today, I want to share with you two images taken at the beautiful Campelo Beach. It was the same day I captured the photo of the sleeping dragon, but this time my focus was on the rocks emerging from the sand, creating an intriguing texture and contrast.

In the first image, you will appreciate a less silky effect on the water. The waves approach the rocks slowly, flowing smoothly and calmly. Every detail of the water's movement is captured with clarity, creating a sense of impact.

On the other hand, the second image showcases a more pronounced silky effect. I used a longer exposure time, resulting in a more blurred and ethereal water effect. The waves seem to transform into a veil of softness, creating a magical atmosphere.

I would love to know which of these two images you prefer.
Please share your preference in the comments!
Choose one!

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very nice, of the 2 i prefer the first. I would like to see the same composition with the water retreating instead of coming in

Thanks for your opinion! I'm glad you prefer the first option. Actually, I'm preparing some photos with the water receding, so I'll be happy to attach them to this message once they're ready. Thanks again for your feedback!

Both are great images, hard to choose but my preference is going towards number 2. Something to do with that bit of space created in the water before it goes back to the main focal point.

Thank you Colin!
My idea was to create multiple layers with different elements in the photograph to allow the eye to traverse the entire composition from the foreground to the background.
By creating these layers, you can play with depth of field, contrasts, and the arrangement of elements to achieve the desired effect. This will enable the viewer to visually explore the image from the foreground to the background, capturing different details and elements along the way.

Image 2.
My vision want to go the hero element of central rock. The water texture of 1 is distraction in that sense.

Thank you Vijay, it's an interesting opinion!!