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Yogesh Dhakal's picture

Sunset at Jyvasjarvi

My camera just came back after some sensor cleaning. Here is a picture of yesterday's sunset in lake Jyvasjarvi. Jyvaskyla, Finland.
Please give me some feedback and criticism on what is right and what is wrong in the picture. Thank you.

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Stas Aleksandersson's picture

I love the sky a lot! What bothers me is the buildings on the horizon, they pull me back from an awesome scene and remind me of civilization. And I personally would love to see some detail in those rocks.

Yogesh Dhakal's picture

thank you Stas .. m still learning how to use photoshop . maybe will help me to pull some details from those rocks.. .. next time i will try to be away from civilization .. :) thank you so much for the feedback

Jeff Colburn's picture


I like the photo, but I would pull out a little more of the orange in the water going across the middle of the image. Sunsets have very vivid colors, and I want to see more of them here.

Have Fun,

Can you create a sunset landscape like this?

Yogesh Dhakal's picture

i didn't get what you mean Rj .. :)

Barry Townsend's picture

I Like it. The trouble with it that you will never please everyone so as long as you like it that's all that matter's , i would not change anything, would look nice hanging on my wall.

Yogesh Dhakal's picture

it really means a lot Barry .. thank you