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My try at one of the most iconic and photographic places in Iceland. What do you think?
Did I capture it right?


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Not bad Patrick.
The weather certainly didn't want to help you there, but that's the sad truth about landscape photography, the weather can f*ck us up real bad.

Composition-wise you're good, some dodging on the waterfalls could help you make them "pop" a little bit more, and perhaps a little bit of burning on the very bright parts of the sky could do the photo a little more good.

What I have yet to see about this awesome place is another view.
All the photos out there are from the same spots.
Surely the two known angles are very nice, perhaps the best ( not always, but it takes lots of imagination, and time on the field to find a better angle ), but it's hard to believe that there's not another alternate viewing angle/spot to showcase this location in another way.

Wherever I go I try to do both the known angles or similar to those, and then I look for something to show the place from another angle, perhaps getting the ultra-wide lens on and finding something interesting as a close foreground subject while getting the awesome parts of the scenery in the background.

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You're right. I'm gonna try that. How do you do it? 50% gray layer with overlay blending mode, or is there another method? I have seen some other angles. One possibility is to walk along the river further back, but then you don't have the waterfall in your image, or to walk towards the lake on the right and take it from there. Looking from other angles the peak doesn't look as pointed as it does from the spot close to the waterfall. I tried to change the angle a bit by going closer to the waterfall. (Most pictures are taken from the top of the cliff) but apparently it's still too similar. Thanks for sharing your insights! (;

I think the picture looks awesome and would love to be able to take some thing this good. I'm not sure if its possible but i feel like composition wise I would like to see more of the mountain if you move to the right, would it be possible to fit the waterfall and get a better view of the mountain.