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New to Photography

Hi Everyone

I have just started out in photography and can't get enough of shooting pictures and playing around with them in post production. Here is my first attempt at landscape photography any criticism to help me develop would be very much appreciated.


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My eye goes right to the 4 dust spots in the sky. After that my eye goes to the power lines. Removing all of that should only take a couple of minutes. I also think that there is an overall yellowish hue that you have added to this that may or may not have been intentional. I think it's a very pretty location and a great composition.

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In addition to Lee Morris's suggestions I also spot a lot of fringing around the mountain-line.
Have you ticked the "Remove chromatic aberration" option in Adobe Camera RAW ?
If you do that and there's still fringing in the photo, you use the two Defringe sliders below, select the color hue of the fringing, and play with the amount slider to make it go away.

I would also crop a little from the left to cut the vertical rock(?) on the very left of the frame as it's cut abruptly.

You can also play with Dodging and burning, you can dodge the midtones and the highlights of the flowing water to make it bright white, emphasizing it and also turning it into a leading line, leading the viewer's eyes from the bottom of the frame to the middle-ground and finally the background.

Pretty good for a beginner if you ask me.

As long as you keep reading on composition, practicing, improving your post-processing you're only going to come up with better and better photos.

Hoping to see you around regularly :)

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Lee and Bill both have wonderful feedback for you. I would extend the feedback to suggesting you spend a little more time finding your focus. I'm looking and looking through the photograph and I cannot figure out where you had focused as the image as a whole looks fairly soft. If this isn't a side effect of the equipment you were using, try focusing in "live view" zoomed in at 100% at the point you want things to start to be into focus, here maybe 1/3rd into the frame would have worked fine. If you miss the focus and try to recover in post with too much sharpening you are going to get a lot of that halo effect around the edges.

Thanks Loads for the advice much appreciated! Have just been playing around in lightroom and managed to remove the power cables, the dust marks and changed the overall yellowish. I can see what you mean about the focus I will have a play with the sharping. Wicked advice thanks guys will be sticking around on this site for sure.