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First Attempt at Macro

I have recently decided to up my photography game and actually try and make good compositions/take solid photographs for prints. I was much more casual before, now I am proactive in learning how to take better photos.

That being said, today I attempted Macro photography and this was one result I enjoyed the most. Unfortunately, I feel the focus was not so good and the quality as well, I had to crop a decent amount since my original shot was too far out (handheld).

Please be nice on critique. My interests are; nature, surfing, and landscape photography (I hunt and surf a lot so I figure I will have great chances for nice photos). Be sure to keep an eye out for me on the forums, I will hopefully become more active.

In regards to this photo:
I know the focus isn't the best and the quality as well (noise and speckles) I contribute that to the crop factor and the sharpening from post. What else should I look into to make this photo more captivating? Also, what tips may you have for macro photography from a tripod?

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Good morning from Holland to you Logan,
In it's basics I think that to make a good macro you have to think of the same points as allmost every other picture you would make. Rules of thirds, lights etc.
On this photo I can't read exif file that's a little handicap for me. To get your image sharps you need alot DOF, so try to get the largest f-stop number you can shoot with. Still the DOF will be very small. When you use a tripod it's possible to use something like a macroslide. This makes fotostacking possible. This works, in my oppinion better in a studio environment than outsite in nature. I'm using my flash often when I shoot Insects. This freezes the picture some more. Also use a cable to shoot from a tripod. This prevents your camera from shaking. On a tripod you can also use your lifeview mode to zoom in and focus on your subjet manueel.
Logan I hope this will help a little with your macro shotings.
Have a nice day, Grz,

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Good morning from America to you Rainer haha
Thank you for the advice, I definitely see how using a more stable, controlled setup would be beneficial in keeping focus and increasing sharpness throughout the photo. I will attempt your suggestions, however I am limited with my resources. I will be sure to show you my next take :)