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Craig Hobday's picture

Looking for some CC

Looking for some CC on this image I took in May this year.

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Stas Aleksandersson's picture

Love the fog, love the rocks, the bridge, the mood and the crop is just awesome. I would say it needs nothing. Would love to hear if anyone would want to change something.

Martijn van der Nat's picture

I like the composition and the subject only i feel that something is missing...
Maybe have a shot where the bridge is better visible? (since that appears to be the subject)
I would also love to have the atmosphere of the image more emphasized...
Maybe give it a colder feel by overall having more blue tones, not just adding it to the sky... maybe experiment with the color temperature or add some more blue tones to the shadow-area's?

for example like Serge Ramelli's version

Anonymous's picture

Great shot! I wonder what it would look like as a black and white pic? Could add to the atmosphere by darkening it a bit.

Jason Connel's picture

What about something like this?

Patrick Luchsinger's picture

I would only put some more saturation in the red of the bridge while leaving the rest. Makes the bridge pop, while the feels of the rest, which I really like, stays.