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First time critique requested

Hi all, first-timer here. Just came back from an incredible vacation to Greece and wanted some feedback on some of the pictures I was able to capture. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Looking back on some of the photos, I already know some of the things I wish I would have done differently but I'm sure most photographers go through that. Thanks in advance!

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Patrick Hall's picture

After watching Elia process a bunch of images similar to this, I think the missing element is a brighter blue hour exposure for the city. The sky looks pretty good but the buildings are already too lit by the ambient artificial lighting. Perhaps blending another exposure in from maybe 30 mins before would make it looks a little less contrasty. It definitely looks like a beautiful place from this image though

Thanks for the commentary. I believe I do have a picture from a little bit earlier. Maybe I'll try to combine the two in Lightroom.