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Côte des Basques - Biarritz

Hi there,

This is my first post here and I see so many good things in the community! Im' Julien, a french photographer from Annecy (Alps). Here is a shot I made last week after a wedding shoot. A beautiful way to finish a long and hard journey.

Hope you'll like it and wait for your comments and critics.

Thank you!

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colors look nice as well as those starbursts.

Did you try more sky, less water? Perhaps that would be a better composition? But then the reflections in the water are lost... anyway it's a nice picture.

But who did build that building to the right? Looks horrible in that beautiful landscape and the building left of it (on the rocks?) proofs that there is some decent architecture around.

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Hi Mo,

First, thank you for your reply, really constructive.

So yes, I've tried with more sky. The result wasn't bad, but I wanted to show the calm with the long exposure on the water and like you say, I wanted the reflections.

I'm completely ok for the building, this thing looks horrible but that's part of the landscape and this incredible place of Biarritz. A mix of old architecture and new touristic ones... But this is what you see when you're on the spot.

Thanks a lot!