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Trying Something New

This is my first post on here (just signed up) and wanted to get some feedback on a shot I did a few days ago. I've never been someone to use photoshop - in fact I haven't touched it in at least 5 years - and have only used Lightroom for post work. But I wanted to try something new and test myself, so I did just that.

This image is three images blended with masking. The biggest area I struggled with was blending the sunset where it meets the tree line but I figure with practice, I'll get better at it. Anyway, what are some thoughts/comments/critiques?


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Thank you so much for the comments and critique. This is three photos brought into one (car lights, land, and Sky). The trees in the lower part bothered me but this was just a test of technique and the location is a short drive from home. The trees on the left did t look right to me when they were light as it didn't feel like a sunset mood if that makes sense but maybe a touch brighter would help.

Certainly needs more work and a better composition. Again thank you for the comments. They do help. Cheers.

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hey hey, nice idea and I think the image blend has worked well.
I agree with the above comments and think that if you bring up the trees on the left you might be able to add a bit of blue to them to keep the shadowy feel but keep the detail so your eye's not drawn to all the negative space. I would also warm up the rocks in the foreground right side to add more of a sunset feel and balance the cooler shadows.

Excellent suggestions that never really popped into my mind. Thank you for the critique and comments.