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sports in landscape - critic

Hey guys !

this is my first post on this website and i would like to ask you if you could give me some feedback on my pictures.

i am a 26 year old austrian mountain enthusiast who wants to improve his photography skills and learn from others.

Thanks guys !

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I really like the last 2 ones! Don't know why, but in a good way! What i would have changed is the perspective of the 2nd! Maybe closer.. Did you want to show the hole thing?
grüsse aus der Schweiz!

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Hi, overall I think they are looking great!

The first one, there is something just hanging off the edge of the screen that I was trying to scratch off of my screen, small but distracting to me, haha.

The second would like nice will a tighter crop.

Good job

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Thank you guys! I will try to change the crop of the second pic and try some different angles next time.

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I really like the last three Dominik. Nice deep skies. My only critique is the asymmetric vignette in the last one kinda distracted me as an unnatural element. Just a matter of opinion though! Look forward to more from you.

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They're all nice images. However, in the first two I'd back out some green. Green and magenta both have a tendency to add an unnatural cast and often the camera picks this up. Maybe bump up the red a little in the shot of the climbers. The same with the blue and red in first shot. Fool around with it till you think it looks right to you. The third shot is a little bright but otherwise okay. The last shot is just fine the way it is, a very fine image.