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Dock of the bay.

I shot this on Rehoboth Bay in Delaware about 10 or 15 minutes after sunset. I had scouted out this spot earlier in the day and hoped for a good sunset. Things worked out better than I could have hoped. I've found that, under the right conditions, the sky a few minutes after sundown will momentarily fill with intense color and then fade and darken quickly. Not always, but often enough to make it worth while to stick around and see what will happen. A couple of other photographers had shown up to shoot the sunset and then packed up and left soon after the sun dropped below the horizon. I used a Nikon D80 on a Manfrotto tripod, a focal length of 35mm and an ISO of 100. To smooth out the surface of the water I used an exposure of 14 seconds and underexposed by 1/3 stop and a polarizer to help saturate colors and add time to the exposure. This is probably my favorite sunset shot.

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Beautiful! Love the calming feeling here.