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Landscape in Bad Weather

I live in Ireland where we can get four seasons in one day. Usually I look out the window and see dull lifeless skies during Sunset. So the other day I decided the hell with it, I'm gonna grab my camera and if nothing else head to the beach and go for a walk. When I got there the sunset had nothing going on, no dramatic colours in the sky, the scene that I wanted was completely different to what was given to me. I went down anyway and took a few snaps. I think the dark skies made an interesting take to the scene. Do people here take Landscapes on a regular basis regardless of weather?

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Some people only photograph landscapes in golden light ( sunset/sunrise/dawn/dusk/goldenhours ), they follow that "rule" religiously.

Shooting with cloudy skies, gray skies, isn't a bad thing.
I like both "types". Some people simply do not like anything but photos with magic light ( first sentence ).

Every scene looks different under different weather conditions, different light, different sun position, different season.

Be careful with your exposures or blending though, you've got some significant halo-ing going on here.

Basically, shoot what you love. Be the first person to like your shot. The rest do not really matter.
Art is like human beauty, very SUBJECTIVE.

p.s. If you had a telephoto lens, you might've been able to get a shot with "better skies" if you zoomed in on the fisherman in the distance, and have the barely golden sky underneath the clouds as the sky part in the photo.

Keep shooting no matter what and post more :)

p.s.2. I'm based in Greece, a country with better weather, but luck plays a big part, and unfortunately bad weather keeps on following me every single time... when life gives you lemon... you make lemon juice ;-)