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My 10 Favorite Long Exposure shots here on Fstoppers

Following are some of my personal fav. long exposure shots here on Fstoppers. I will be posting Night, Cityscape and other categories in different posts. Till then enjoy these :)

1. Winter's Grasp by Elia Locardi

2. Patagonian winds- Lago Pehoe by Felix Inden

3. Goðafoss by Vincent Bourrut

4. Boscastle Magic by Alessio Putzu

5. Its Roar Awoke the Sun by Michael B. Stuart

6. Rodeo Beach Super Bowl by Eric Hodges

7. Charlie's Garden by Jimmy McIntyre

8. Sharktooth Cave Sunset by Brady Cabe

9. A Moment in Time by Erik McRitchie

10. Illumination by Cory Marshall

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Great list and um, totally psyched to see mine there included with such greats! Thanks Simranjit!