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Inked Models

Sine a few months I'm really enjoying to work with inked models. So, I completely changed my mind – before that, I preferred - excuse my words – "flawless skin without any marks", specially for nude photo shots.

What's your opinion?

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Anonymous's picture

Love the lighting. Only thing that struck me was the perspective. It appears she is having to look up too much. I would have shot it a bit lower. IMO


Tim McBroome's picture

I like the image, that would be a tough angle/pose to shoot. You did quite well. I think the image could be a bit edgier though.

Vilmantas Zilinskas's picture

Nice model, but her back just asks to be in contrarily tension direction. And her eyelashes supposed to be not so stuck together (it is dedicated to the makeup artist). In general everything else looks fine to me.