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CC Welcome!

I will never really classify myself as a portrait photographer, the images I like to chase are always going to be found in an uninhabited landscape. But, I am often enough presented with portrait opportunities and I take advantage of them as ways to learn and push my skill. This shot is technically from a boudoir shoot and this was a pose that the model took naturally in the chair as she was waiting for me to setup camera stuff. I just liked how easy and natural the pose looked so I captured it. I'd love your insight!

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Sam Foto's picture

Kudos on the lighting and posing- tops. I think if there's 1 minor comment it would be concerning her right eye on the shadow side: A bit lighter than the left one. All-in-all, beautiful model and excellent execution.

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Thank you! I can see now what you're talking about. I'll definitely take your advice into account on my next edit! :)

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Beautiful. I love the lighting and the soft feel to it.

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Beautiful picture and lighting, may i know what kind of lighting setting you have used for this shot.

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Thank you sir! This was taken with all natural window light. A pretty large window at that, so plenty of light!