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Bourbon Brotherhood

Portrait of Bruce Corwin, founder of the Bourbon Brotherhood.

Based out of Louisville Kentucky, the Bourbon Brotherhood meets once a month at a different location to eat good food, drink good bourbon, network, and just have a good time in general.

This was shot minutes before one of their meetings in Baxter's 942 Bar and Grill.

I've discovered a newfound love in portraiture recently. With this particular image I tried to use as much ambient light as possible so I dragged my shutter to 1/50th of a second (without a tripod). I had a 46 in softlighter camera right as my key with a 63 in fill behind me (it was super dark in here). Naturally I didn't have any cto so my image came out SUPER warm in the background, but with some creative color grading I found a nice balance with the fore and background colors.

What do you all think?

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Great separation of different color temperatures.
Did you have to mask in/out a few areas or are you just that good at gaffing? ;)

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Thank you! There was A LOT of masking and equal amounts of color grading.

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Well, it paid off here. gj. :)