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how do you guys see my work?

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Good work!

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I like the first one best. Very nice. The pose on the second one emphasizes the left knee, it's too prominent. But there is one thing which is dominating (and I went back to look a second time just to be sure I had not made a mistake): the first one isn't in focus. Technical rule #1 is nail the focus, especially the eyes. I think you did fine on the non-technical rule #1 which is connect with your subject, but it's all for nought if the eyes aren't in focus.

Keep going, you have a nice eye but (and I have forgotten this as recently as a week ago but caught it when I went to do retouching) when you get them into Lightroom or whatever you use, zoom in to check to the focus before deciding a shot is a keeper. I look forward to your next post.

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Thank you so much i promise to improve more

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They are both solid. For me, the framing is abit of an issue. On the first, there is plenty of room on the left, but the knee is cut into on the right.

The bottom is better, but the crop cuts into the shoe (not as much of an issue for me) and the hat. For me, the issues with the 2nd arent as big an issue for me, but its all about intent. If you just had never focused on the edges of your frame, then I'd say shoot it again. But if you meant to do so on a couple of frames, it'd be more ok. to me.