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Keep studying hard

While I was on holiday in Miami, I met this extremely beautiful Russian model Margarita. She lived near Miami Beach, so we agreed to do beach photo shoot and we did. Second day we were supposed to do the pool shoot, but it was raining so we decided to stay inside and study.

This is shot in natural light, she was sitting in front of balcony door inside the room and i took the photo from outside, that way i got this beautiful natural light fall on her.

Margarita Balan

Nikita Tikka

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Wow you kill the picture i love it and is this edited with lightroom?

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Thank you im really glad you like it. This is edited in LR and also in Photoshop CC

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I'm really having trouble on my editing i always want my pictures to come to life just like this

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Nicely done. Great thought to have her just inside the door.