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Portrait of Abdullah

Just used smart phone flash for the rim light for more definition

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The lighting on his face is quite nice, and good trick with the cellphone flash. However, the bright lights to left and right of his face are distracting. What if you removed those in editing?

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I didn't think of this, but yes, why not.. I'll give it a try :)
Thank you for the constructive criticism

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great portrait

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This may be a newbie question, but how did you get your smart phone flash to sync with your camera?

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We are here to learn from each other Stephen :)

Actually I used the the phone as a torch to be a continuous light source.. and it was a bit stronger than the ambient light, so I asked my friend who was holding it to move backward till I get the desired effect.

Hope this answers your question.

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I wondered... You know, with all the crazy apps out there I wouldn't be surprised that there's one that flashes when it detects a flash, but this makes much more sense. Thank you.