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Greg Desiatov's picture

Newbie To The Group

Well, here is my first post in this group so I selected a couple of my faves.

Sot on location on the beaches around Melbourne, Australia with a Godox QT-600, Godox LP800x Inverter and a 300mm Beauty Dish.

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Rex Jones's picture

Nicely done and welcome to the group!!

I love the colors in both the shots, though if I had to pick a favorite it would be the sunset one. :)

i like it :)

Ray Akey's picture

Love the tones and saturation. Gorgeous model :)

Beautiful model, setting, and proficient use of lighting. Did you use CTO gel? Well done mate!

Karo Kujanpaa's picture

Excellent work!

A mark of a great photographer is having a good foundation (background and objects). If you can remove your main subject (the model in this case) that the image can stand on its own. The model is the icing on a great cake. I've seen many pilings and rotting piers to think, someone needs to remove them until now you've made them works of art. :-)

craig hildebrand's picture

Love the first one... is this a bare bulb with a really long pole and the sun is the rim light coming from back right?