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Hello Everyone- Tenerife images

Hello everyone, I'm new to the community functions of the website. Im a 27 year old aspiring travel photographer, Ive spent a lot of time wondering if I had what it takes and recently I came to the conclusion that I either go for it or Ill spend my life thinking of what could have been. I'm seeking any criticism that will serve to make me better. Feel free to tell me what you think about the image, and video provided (I'm also attempting to get a youtube channel up about my travel photography) as well as the rest of my work on my website www.voyagepixels.com

Any help you guys can give would be really appreciated, I won't ever claim to be the greatest photographer out there, but Im trying to get better.

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Loved coming across your post here! I am also 27 years old and decided to go for it instead of wondering the rest of my life. I loved your picture of the sunset in Milan.