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CONTEST! Post Your Best Wedding Image to Win $100 B&H Gift Card!

Hi All!

We want to see your best wedding image for a chance to win a $100 Gift Card from B&H! Entering is easy:

1) Have an Fstoppers Portfolio
2) Upload your best image to your Fstoppers Portfolio
3) Share your image URL in the comments below (the image MUST be from your Fstoppers Portfolio)

We will choose two lucky winners - Audience Choice, and Fstoppers Choice!
The image with the most likes in the thread will win Audience Choice, and the Fstoppers Office will also chose their favorite.

Contest will close February 15th, 2017.

Looking forward to seeing your images! Good luck everyone!

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Eric Snyder's picture

Bridal prep by Eric Snyder

Bridal prep

one of my favorite photos from this past wedding season,
The 4 Seasons Hotel Boston Ma.

Ken Flanagan's picture

Nice! love the tones, and the overall feel of the image. I would marry that car too.

Ken Flanagan's picture

Untitled 8 by Ken Flanagan

Untitled 8

I don't really do weddings anymore, but this one was fun. Makes me want to do them again.

gabe s's picture

Probably the happiest couple you will ever find on a rainy wedding day.

Raindrops. by gabe s


Eric Brushett's picture

Up close and personal during the Ketubah signing. Happy to be a part of the contest and the group! This is my first post. Cheers!

Ketubah Signing by Eric Brushett

Ketubah Signing

Trevor Schneider's picture

The spirit of the day can be captured in more than just the Bride and Groom. One of my favourites.

Feeling of accomplishment! by Trevor Schneider

Feeling of accomplishment!

Maciej Przybyszewski's picture

Veeeery nice :)

Alan Wohlgemut's picture

Wedding day rain.

Rain in the courtyard by Alan Wohlgemut

Rain in the courtyard

keith uyeda's picture

Checking her last minute deatils...

Gilmore Wedding by keith uyeda

Gilmore Wedding

One of my favourites from this past wedding season. The venue was awesome.

Showing off the venue by Kevin Gamble

Showing off the venue

Dan Howell's picture

I don't know if bridal fashion qualifies in this category. This is one of my all time favorite bridal fashion shots. It was captured as part of an advertising shoot for bridal designer. I brought along a 4x5 camera w/ 150mm lens and Polaroid Type 54 pos/neg film on the chance that I would have a moment to capture some personal images. This shot was set up quickly using only natural light from window behind model and bouncing off a stack of mirrors creating an interesting lighting effect. I also shot this scene with strobes and with Hasselblad digital, but I ended up preferring this shot with the Polaroid.

Bridal Fashion Type54 Polaroid by Dan Howell

Bridal Fashion Type54 Polaroid

Jan Gabriels's picture

Wedding Ilse and Barry in the Dutch

jeff dobson's picture

The Fetter's

Wayne Denny's picture

I'll throw my hat in the ring!

Icelandic Bride & Groom by Wayne Denny

Icelandic Bride & Groom

Zyaire Porter's picture

Bradney & Tawny share a moment before the reception began!

Tawny & Bradney by Zyaire Porter

Tawny & Bradney

Doug Birling's picture

Wow a lot of great images... here's one I always liked.

Lisa's big moment by Doug Birling

Lisa's big moment

Jan Freire's picture

pool by Jan Freire


it's hard to choose, but this might be it. I really did not expect any great picture from that wedding, but it happened...

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