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Share Your Favorite Wedding/Engagement Image from the 2014 Season!

Let's see your favorite work from last year since this year is just getting going eh.

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This was the favorite shot of mine last year, engagement session near Elko Nevada.

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This is one of my favorite shot, next to the lake Balaton, late summer of 2014.

Probably this one. :))

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This looks amazing, Katie! Where is your front bokeh coming from? I was guessing through glass, at first, but I'm not sure anymore?

It was a double exposure, and for the second exposure I completely unfocused my lens intentionally to get the extreme bokeh. :)

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Looks amazing! Romantic :)

Bridal session, but still my favorite.

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This is my favorite one. Brooklyn Bridge New York City 2014.

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I didn't shoot a whole lot in 2014 but I was pretty happy with what I did shoot. Here's one of my favorites from a proposal/engagement shoot on Mackinac Island in northern Michigan.

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We photographed their wedding in the Lake District UK. They wanted to escape and get married just the two of them, no one else other than us.

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Ah dude that's rad.

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Looks like they are alone in the universe! :)

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Or another where we went exploring at GoApe in Dalby. We keep challenging our couples to do something more and more awesome.

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Love it, so unique! Really outside the box :)

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It's really hard to choose but here's 2.

I made a full post on my blog

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LOVE the couple dancing with candles in the foreground! Beautiful!

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This looks Awesome! #sopro haha

Downtown Pasadena CA.

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Oh man....this is so hard...This was probably one of our favorites just because it was on the opposite coast :)

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Lovely shot! I could pin one down, even choosing one for each couple is hard enough! They are all so unique :)

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Shot in a Barn near the wedding location. We had a thunderstorm that day and the whole place was flooded. Luckily a stable was near an I did the whole shoot "indoor"

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Love this! Great work for navigating the tricky situation :)

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Downtown Phoenix

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Great shot, love the flare :)

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Thank you so much! My first attempt at placing it in post :)

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Loved looking at the photos posted! Here are some of my favorites for 2014 e-sessions. The first one in Haverhill, MA, Kenoza Lake. Second was hard to choose because the location was amazing and fall colors everywhere! That's at Echo Bridge/Hemlock Gorge in Newton, MA. Last one at New Casltle (island) in New Hampshire.

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A quick bridal shot taken right after the ceremony. This was the prettiest backyard wedding I have ever shot.

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Another shot from the backyard wedding, just a cool candid shot of the groom.

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While I think I shot more beautiful photos than this one, I just love the emotion in this moment.

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a little late to the thread, but oh well.

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another one

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Hello everyone,

I'm a French art director & photographer, based in SE Asia for the last 10 years. I worked for a fashion website in Paris before moving to a career in graphic design and advertising in SE Asia.

I'm now working full time as a photographer and I'm specialized in event and fashion photography.
I also cover weddings occasionally, mostly for Western Couples based in Cambodia.

Shooting traditional Khmer weddings is difficult as traditional Cambodian weddings are notoriously
"very" long with a lot of ceremonial.

So I prefer shooting more casual, intimate, Western weddings like this one on the beach in Sihanoukville
(August 2014).

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on this wedding i had broken my D4/70-200 2.8

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I ам sorry, i don't have pictures from 2014 because i started doing my first steps in photography world this year, and this pictures are from my first wedding.

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Pretty stoked on this one, which wasn't really planned and taken just as the girls were getting ready to usher the bride out of the house...

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Our favourite shot by far from October last year :)

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This was a favorite shot of mine...Mostly because of the story:
There were married before, divorced, both married someone else, divorced and Now remarried.
She was so Excited!!!

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WOW! everyone one here is so talented! Great inspiration. Here is my favorite photo from 2014. Wedding, Las Vegas NV. YEP! that's Gallagher. Ha Ha

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This was fun...

Took this shot last year in the month of june , this is a tradtion followed by the Indian priest who we call as pandits , its a final ritual to complete a hindu wedding