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Best Wedding Presets???

So, I wanted to be a Wedding Photographer...

My wish came true and now I'm shooting quite a few weddings. Fun right? Well, yeah, it is, but OMG I have soooooooo much editing to do, ALL THE TIME!!! I'm trying to save time and presets would be an awesome starting point. I'd use them to set the mood in the photos and then tweak, if required, to my taste.

All this being said, which presets would you recommend? I have the SLRLounge presets V6.0 and they aren't my cup of tea. What have you used and what would you recommend.

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VSCO cam presets are always a great route to go.

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Also, you can make free presets in LR super easy. Just learn how to tweak to the tone curve, split tone, and bam you have unlimited presets for free. Add a slight S curve to the RGB tone curve, then go in and and a slight tone curve the the red, green, and blue channels. It''ll give you a great look, it makes the darks matte, but super crisp. You can also adjust the tone curve in the color channels to add any kind of tone to the image, I tend to lean to a cooler blue look. Both these image were self made presets.

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If you're not batch editing you're killing yourself for no reason. VSCO and Mastin are both great starting points. Get one image mostly there and then apply that to all the photos with similar lighting, and then go back and fine tune it. I also use VSCO keys... once you get it down it will really shave workflow time down.

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@Kyle Ford - are the VSCO keys worthwhile? Do they speed things up that much for you?