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May 2015 Fstoppers Contest

This thread is the official thread for the May 2015 Fstoppers Contest ending on June 1st.  In order to enter a chance to win 3 Fstoppers Flash Discs OR a tutorial from the Fstoppers Store, submit your best Wedding related photograph below.  All Entries must be made before 11:59 EDST on May 31st to be eligible.  

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Shot in March @ The Ruins at Kellum Valley Farm

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one of my personal favs of the first dance.

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A spring wedding in BC

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this was from a wedding in Kano, Nigeria. The mother-son dance. How cute is this?

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this was from the same wedding. This was when the groom was cutting a piece of cake to feed his bride.

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The bride and groom. They're look absolutely excited. Who wouldn't be?

Bride before the ceremony in the lobby of the Dearborn Inn....

Two of my favourite Wedding images. Scotland in 2012 and Cuba in 2012

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From the beautiful south of Norway.

The sun helps me with this photo :)

Wedding Alhambra

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shot this past weekend.

This is one of my faves so far this year, shot at Inglewood Estate in Kangaroo Ground

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One of my favorite ring shots ever. First time using my 70-200 during a wedding and used it to get this shot. Nikon D600 Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 Nikon SB-700

The Red Carpet. @ Seems like like everything just fall in place.

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One of my favorite shots from my 2014 season.

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This one is form an older wedding ... shot in 2012

Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony @ Bride & Groom

Cant' Hold Back @ Bride listening to Groom singing from another room.

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My favorite from a wedding I shot last year in The Bahamas, new horizons.

First wedding shoot ever. Love these two. Usually shoot real estate/architecture but this was fun!

This was a tough wedding, but I like this image.

This was a 100% photojournalistic capture. I did not prompt the couple and was happy to frame the bride in the window with the sticker appearing as a birdcage face net.


Wedding photo shot in Constanta, Romania

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A little bit different photo with the bridesmaids and bestmans. It doesn´t need to be so serious...

Here are two of my recent faves, love the flash disc, would love a few more.

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Bride taking a moment to herself before the ceremony.

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Bridal Portrait in the fall right before the leaves turn.

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Bride expressing her excitement for their big day!

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Everyone loves a selfie :)

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This groom chose an unfortunate place to make his speech!

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A beautiful bride getting ready for her big day.

Portraying love

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Baby love. Shot in April 2015. Very fun tatted up couple.

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shot this weekend, Sibiu, Romania

Lee & Nicole wanted some more photo's on their little boat before they sold it.. the next day a storm hit and it was sunk!!!!

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New Orleans Bridal Session sb900+flash disc

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Welcome to the Marine Corps.

Recent wedding in Laguna Beach. Found this spot and it just screamed "shoot the bride here!!"

lit with a flash disc on camera and a gold reflector camera the way...

this was from a wedding a few years back but is still one of my favorites and most popular re-pins.

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@ Riu Palace in Cabo san Lucas ... May 2014

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Oregon ... August 2014

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Brownsville, Oregon ... August 2013

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An engagement shoot in Hong Kong.

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An engagement shoot in Hong Kong.

hon ning tse's picture

An engagement shoot in Hong Kong.

hon ning tse's picture

An engagement shoot in Okinawa, Japan.

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