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Advice on a Wedding Photography Logo

Hello All

I decided this summer to start a wedding photography business, I have shot a few weddings and am in the process of creating my website.
www.scottkendallphotography.co.uk (feel free to take a look) Changes are being made daily at the moment.

My website is specifically for weddings, but I do not have a logo. I think this is important to put on my business cards, wedding fairs etc.
I have looked at a load of websites and there logs, but am still undecided on what is professional and what is cheesy.

I am more looking to brand myself rather than a company,
Incase I want to move to a different genre of photography down the road, then I will have a brand already. If you get what I mean.

If anyone has any tips on what to have, either a camera, or a ring or just my initials, Im leaning more towards a classy type face with my initials.

Thanks for your help

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Joe Watson's picture

Hi Scott, nice work! I've wrestled with similar thing for year and had a few variations over time.
Now I've just ditched it out for a font I liked...

People tent to use really cliche' stuff & I think your site looks great as is, the plain text works for me. That said there are some really great photographer logos out there, but they've clearly dropped some dollar on it.

Adam Sparkes's picture

Less is more, when in doubt.

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Hi Scott,
Logo design can be hard work if you're trying to do it yourself and I went through a ton of typical "company name with a tree/flowers/ring" wedding logo ideas before a friend pointed out to me that i'm a photographer not a graphic designer and just as i wouldn't hire a graphic designer to shoot my wedding, i should probably get help from someone who designs logos. I wanted something that showed my personality and reflected the kinds of weddings I wanted to shoot and the logo that I got was so far from what I was designing for myself but exactly what I was after :-)
my site is http://robandlizzie.com/