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SanDisk SD Memory Cards Are 60% Off

SanDisk SD Memory Cards Are 60% Off

As if we haven't posted enough amazing Holiday deals on Fstoppers lately, here is yet another awesome deal. Today, on Amazon SanDisk SD Memory Cards are more than half off. Get them now before this deal is over!

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Rob Fowler's picture

How is the functionality on a Canon 60d? is there improved performance over the standard HC ?

Anders Petersen's picture

I can't give you a direct comparison, but I can tell you where you will and will not see the difference:

Your buffer size does not increase (This is limited to the memory on the camera itself, which can hold 16 shots).
How quickly the buffer empties will increase (dependent on MB/s, until the camera cannot write faster)
You might be able to record video at bitrates of >1.4x canon default firmware 1920p30fps which is the maximum i can get from my HC 30MB/s cards.
You will not get a faster bootup time if you're running ML (This is limited to delays in the boot procedure to ensure stability (at least that's what I figured when I read the code)).

Unless you "spray and pray", 30MB/s is fine for a 60D.

Andy Brooks's picture

I use these on my 60D all the time- they work very, very well and are super fast.

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Ryan Bartels's picture

I recorded full HD documentary footage and audio with these in Africa this summer. They were flawless. Just a side note, these are like $3-4 cheaper than B&H, but the 128GB is cheaper on B&H...

Bonzersquad's picture

I shoot on a Nikon D7000 and have seen a big difference. I am fast shooter and would fill up the buffer often with the Ultras but almost never fill up the buffer on the Extremes. The download speeds to a Mac are also much improved, easily twice as fast as the Ultras.

Karadjordje's picture

Why would you suggest Lauren this is some great deal? And why would you say it's "today" only? This is a regular Amazon price. It's an every-day thing. I bought one of these (16GB) in August for less money than You-Are-Selling-it-to-us-Today. Do you people really have to write something just for the sake of writing something? Even when it's this meaningless?

Scott Medling's picture

This card has basically been selling at $32-$42 for the last 8 months, with the exception of for a month about a month and a half ago. So yes, it's half off, but it's been half off for a while now and suggesting it will end tomorrow is silly unless you have some inside information that it won't be back around $32 for more than a few months.