Justin Bieber Being Sued by Photographer He Accidentally Hit With Truck, Suit Cites 'Permanent Disability'

Justin Bieber Being Sued by Photographer He Accidentally Hit With Truck, Suit Cites 'Permanent Disability'

Musician Justin Bieber is facing a lawsuit filed by a photographer he accidentally hit with his truck in 2017. The paparazzo had been trying to take pictures of Bieber leaving Church and, despite first defending the singer, now says he suffers with “permanent disability.”

William Wilson is accusing Bieber of negligence when pulling out of the Saban Theater in Los Angeles. In video footage obtained by Daily Mail, Wilson clearly hasn’t left enough space between himself and the car’s path, as Bieber turns right and unintentionally strikes the photographer.

Wilson had previously come to Bieber’s defense directly after the incident. In a video posted from his hospital bed, he revealed Bieber had showed compassion in the moments after the accident. Bieber stopped and checked on Wilson, staying with him until the ambulance arrived.

Calling him a “good kid,” Wilson said in 2018:

I think the truck was a little too big for him, though cause there's no way he could see over the front. Hopefully everything works out here, getting ready to go into the X-rays right now.

The accident raises questions about the morality of paparazzi and privacy. It’s worth noting Bieber was cleared by police, who largely placed blame on the flashing cameras causing a distraction while he was trying to drive away.

Wilson is now suing for “permanent disability, emotional damages and general damages.” The damages remain unspecified.

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Deleted Account's picture

Until someone gets a snapshot of him enjoying life to the full.
Emotional damages? <eyeroll>
Of course he's going to sue, that's what people do over there. You fart, someone will be traumatised by it and claim health issues resulted from it. The kid is loaded so worth a stab at squeezing a couple of million out of him, beats working for a living.

Logan Newberg's picture

This is all on the photographer, the fact that he supported Bieber at first, now years later he wants to sue is just shady. Maybe get the fuck out of the way because the tasteless picture isn't worth it.

jared polin's picture

Get out of the way of his truck for one and two leave him alone.

Jozef Povazan's picture

Am I missing something? So let's get facts straight. The guy who was hit is not a photographer, he was filming video-footage. Car is started and moves at 20s. Everyone steps aside just the guy who is still filming and watching his camcorder screen is moving towards the truck instead of stepping aside like anyone else did already. I would sue the cinematographer since he went directly against the truck side to follow driver in closer view :) For me artists earn they living based on sharing their talent, paparazzi's make their living by stalking the talents... This time own mistake caused him to get injured and he has it live on video footage from his own camcorder. Hope he recovers well enough to learn from his mistakes for future. Happy shooting everyone!

michaeljin's picture

Light recorded on a medium. Seems like a form of photography to me.

super steel_'s picture

good, take anything you can from that clown.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Another fool lookin' for a payday.

michaeljin's picture

"Justin Bieber Being Sued by Scumbag Parasite He Accidentally Hit With Truck, Suit Exemplifies 'Frivolous Stupidity'"

Fixed the title for you... and I don't even like Justin Bieber.

Henk Neuhoff's picture

"Justin Bieber Being Sued by Scumbag Parasite He Accidentally ALMOST Hit With Truck, Suit Exemplifies 'Frivolous Stupidity'" ... fixed it for you!

Raf Vangenechten's picture

Paparazzi is not worth being categorized as "photographer". They are a stain on the artistic value added work most of us do every day. And this article just proves me not being wrong at all.

davidlovephotog's picture

I wonder what the law would do if I was standing beside the road flashing a light in drivers faces? This was a setup nothing more and the only disability is that he's a paparazzi.

Jeff McCollough's picture

I don't know I just don't see how the photographer got hit. The video doesn't really show what happened.

Alexander Lobozzo's picture

i had to watch it a couple times to really see what happened. Looks like the side mirror hit the guy in the head

Paul Asselin's picture

The 'photographer' is a jackass. Not even a 'bad boy' like JB deserves to be stalked by leaches like this guy.

John Ohle's picture

I wonder how many people who talk about "Paparazzi scum" actully view their photographs/video and there by feed the demand for Paparazzi?

Joe Eley's picture

First ever time i'm proud of J.B.