Adorama Urges Photographers to Keep Busy With #CreateNoMatterWhat

Roughly two months after the coronavirus began to become recognized as a pandemic threatening the United States, a well-known retailer in the photography industry has released a PSA with a simple but powerful message: continue to create your work, no matter what happens.

Often, when a corporation uses "warm fuzzy" sentiments as an advertising angle, the effect is more insipid than inspiring. Commercial expressions of sentimental or inspirational notions are often a huge mistake (think of Pepsi in 2017). But every so often, such messages are a real inspiration (check out that embedded video above).

This PSA’s message comes at a crucial time for our industry and, of course, for the world at large. Many photographers across the globe are fighting off depression after losing much or all current work opportunities. But this doesn’t mean that we should abandon our craft and let our creative wells dry up.

Instead, we can take our unsought free time to improve relationships, personal and (from a distance) professional. We can study our craft: the photographers we admire, the work that continues to inspire us, and the ongoing learning that even the best photographer always needs. We can work on passion projects, which most of us dream of but — if you’re like me — tend to put off.

Author's note: this is not a paid or sponsored article. Lead image by the author.

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