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Photographer Faces Backlash for Voyeuristic Images of Strangers' Text Communications

Telephoto lenses are arguably the most powerful and versatile tool in a photographer's bag. These sophisticated glass instruments make it possible to photograph wildlife, war, and natural disasters from a (relatively) safe distance. But like other powerful technological tools, a zoom lens can be used for questionable or unethical purposes, including voyeurism or other invasions of privacy.

Do You Need In-Body Image Stabilization?

Nikon announced their production of full frame mirrorless cameras in 2018 and has since offered a wide variety of quality bodies and glass in this arena of camera gear. And for non-pro enthusiasts, their recent Z 5 mirrorless bodyboasts a slew of alluring selling points.

You Are not Just a Photographer. Here's Why.

At the time this article was written, roughly 35 million Americans were unemployed. Many of the businesses where they once worked do not expect to be able to fully reopen, even after being given the green light by governmental authorities.

The Gear Trap Is a Problem, but Cheap Equipment Can Also Limit You

Most of us are familiar with "the gear trap," the fine line that's crossed when a shooter makes a top priority of continually researching and purchasing newer and better camera equipment. This can be a dangerous money pit. But there are times when your gear must be upgraded, lest you suffer the technical shortcomings of outdated or inadequate equipment.