Nikon's Last Film Camera Has Been Recalled by the European Union

Nikon's Last Film Camera Has Been Recalled by the European Union

Product recalls tend to produce something between concern and shock in consumers, especially when they come years after initial production. And while Nikon is no stranger to recalls, a safety recall on one of their camera bodies might meet consumer reaction closer to the shock end of the spectrum.

Nikon's F6 film camera, regarded by many as one of the best film cameras ever produced, is (you might be surprised) still in production today. Its recent recall was spurred by the potential presence of DBP, a toxic plastic compound, the use of which has been phased out due to health concerns. The amount of DBP detected was over the legislated limit set by EU law. Some components of the F6 camera body “potentially exceed the standard value specified in the European Union regulation, the RoHS Directive.”

Nikon is offering free shipping and servicing for consumers affected by this recall. I would guess that the servicing includes a total replacement of the body or its affected parts, but that is only speculation. Only 152 cameras have been affected, but since DBP has been labeled as an endocrine disruptor and a compound that can cause birth defects, anyone in possession of a Nikon F6 purchased after July 22, 2019 should check their camera's serial number and contact Nikon if they find a match.

Here is a list of the affected F6 serial numbers:

0035842, 0035862, 0035867, 0035868, 0035869, 0035870, 0035871, 0035872, 0035873, 0035909, 0035910, 0035911, 0035912, 0035913, 0035914, 0035915, 0035916, 0035917, 0035918, 0035919, 0035920, 0035921, 0035922, 0035923, 0035924, 0035925, 0035926, 0035927, 0035928, 0035929, 0035930, 0035932, 0035934, 0035941, 0035942, 0035943, 0035944, 0035945, 0035946, 0035947, 0035948, 0035949, 0035950, 0035951, 0035952, 0035953, 0035954, 0035955, 0035956, 0035957, 0035958, 0035959, 0035968, 0035969, 0035970, 0035971, 0035972, 0035973, 0035974, 0035975, 0035976, 0035977, 0035978, 0035979, 0035980, 0035981, 0035983, 0035984, 0035985, 0035986, 0035987, 0035989, 0035990, 0035991, 0035992, 0036010, 0036011, 0036012, 0036013, 0036014, 0036015, 0036016, 0036017, 0036018, 0036019, 0036020, 0036021, 0036022, 0036023, 0036024, 0036025, 0036026, 0036027, 0036028, 0036029, 0036030, 0036031, 0036032, 0036033, 0036034, 0036035, 0036036, 0036037, 0036038, 0036039, 0036041, 0036042, 0036043, 0036045, 0036046, 0036047, 0036048, 0036049, 0036050, 0036051, 0036052, 0036053, 0036056, 0036057, 0036058, 0036062, 0036112, 0036114, 0036116, 0036130, 0036133, 0036134, 0036135, 0036136, 0036137, 0036138, 0036139, 0036140, 0036141, 0036142, 0036147, 0036149, 0036153, 0036154, 0036155, 0036156, 0036157, 0036158, 0036159, 0036160, 0036161, 0036162, 0036165, 0036177, 0036188, 0036189, 0036191

Are you surprised that Nikon still has a film camera in production? I am! Feel free to share your thoughts and reactions in the comment section below.

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Why is the headline image of a D610?

Also, it's common knowledge (at least among those who are paying attention) that the F6 is still in production - although speculation is they are selling already produced stock and it is no longer being produced, and I note the Nikon Australia site indicates it is discontinued. That said, it cycles from back order to available, so that answers the question.

Now, do I sell my F3 and buy one of these...

beat me to it, is it so hard to find a photo of an F6 to post here?

Well when you do not want to license an image and just want free, maybe?

Why would an image of the D610 be free but the F6, not?

I was under the assumption there would be alot less F6 photo's floating around. I hadn't seen it was the aurthor's own image.

The lead image is a D610 because I don't own an F6, and I try my best not to use stock/royalty free photos. Thanks for reading!

Clickbait headline, the camera has been recalled by Nikon to comply with EU regulations, a completely different thing.
What is more headline worthy is that 152 new Nikon F6 cameras have been sold since the regulations were updated in July 2019, not cheap cameras but there still appears to be a market. do you know this number? Also, are you suggesting 152 F6 cameras were sold "worldwide" since last year?

Or, you could read the article :)

Good point. I should have read it.

The regulation only covers cameras manufactured since July 2019 therefore if Nikon are saying only152 cameras will be effected by this then that must be the number they have sold, the F6 is still produced to order.


There’s no difference to what you are suggesting. Regulation are put in place because it creates birth defects. Equipment regarded unsafe is being recalled. What exactly are you antagonistic about?

The correct headline should be "Nikon's Last Film Camera Has Been Recalled by Nikon because of European Union regulations", the EU did not recall the camera, Nikon did, which is not what this headline is saying.
Simple grammar.

I have one of them, bought brand new from retail in april 20 in austria. the SN is listed in the third last line. As the cam is brand new I hesitate to send it in and have somebody doing "something" with as the camera works totally fine. if this is just some some office hero in the eu minding about recyling and toxic substancens when i trash the cam in 50+ years I could not care less and will not send in. but if the affected parts are on the outside and are indeed a safety hazard for me using the camera i would think about it.

If you read the regulation, which I don't suggest as it is very long and boring it appears the DBP concentration used in the camera body poses an unacceptable risk to human health as it is present in a concentration equal to or greater than 0,1 % by weight of the material.
From a fact sheet I found it seems it can be absorbed through the skin with a variety of adverse effects ranging from irritation through to seizures and kidney failure, it has also been shown to effect the nervous system.